Authenticate w/ third-party accounts on FeverTokens

FeverTokens is pleased to announce the support of new authentication methods to our web application. These new methods allow users without a wallet in their browser (e.g. MetaMask or Torus) to start using FeverTokens to design their Web3 application.

Launched in July, FeverTokens is a fast-growing no-code framework for users to customize advanced smart contracts,deploy NFT marketplaces, and design Web3 apps. Feedbacks from our user community have pointed to the desire to authenticate without the use of a crypto wallet, mainly to start leveraging our solution while setting up their wallet governance, and perhaps with the intention of using hardware or internal wallets for funds. We are introducing this new feature in response to these demands from our users.

In the coming weeks, we are also introducing direct payment with credit cards as well as internal wallet supports for the users of the Web3 apps deployed by our users. These additional features would play well with the wallet-less workflow.

Currently, we support sign in with Google,Twitter, GitHub, and Discord.

Please note that third-party sign-in is compatible with our on-going No-code Web3 innovation contest. Winners can earn up to 3000 EUR in cash.

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