Build and integrate your web3 apps with FeverTokens’ API

FeverTokens is pleased to announce the launch of its API for developers to integrate Web3 functions without coding smart contracts.

With this API, developers can create,configure, and manage new projects, NFT collections, items and smart contracts. They can also manage how the NFT marketplace is hosted and run; for example, it is possible to manage the life cycle of the deployed smart contracts and trigger functions programmatically.

To access FeverTokens’ API, users first request an API token in the FeverTokens web application. Upon signing in with a valid wallet, users can go to the API page (on the left of the panel) and request the API token.

Please note that access control is managed by the API token. A token with Write privileges has full control over the account and all associated assets. Users can also request tokens with Read or Public access privileges.

We will continue to enrich the APIs with new features and updates. Stay tuned by following us on all major social media outlets @FeverTokens.

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