Buy and Sell NFTs with Credit Card on Your Own NFT Marketplace

A hurdle that Web3 and NFT enthusiasts have to overcome is the unavoidable step of charging up your wallet before making a purchase. While for blockchain veterans this may feel trivial, for mass adoption among those who prefer not to hold a specific cryptocurrency or cryptocurrencies in general, it is an inconvenience.

FeverTokens is committed to making Web3 accessible to all content creators and businesses. With our new support for credit card payments directly in smart contracts deployed using our framework, we further empower content creators and businesses by making their Web3 apps and NFT marketplaces more accessible to their audience.

How does it work?

Users with premium subscriptions can deploy a programmatic wallet called a Relayer, which is managed by a key management system (KMS). The Relayer will have a minter role in the NFT smart contract.

When a customer pays by credit card, the funds are transferred to the seller and the desired tokens are minted to the customer address.

What is the availability of this feature?

We are introducing credit card payments to Premium Tier subscribers starting from September 2022.

A step-by-step guide is forthcoming.

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