Check Out Our No-Code Web3 Innovation Contest Finalists

The submission stage of the 1st Edition of No-Code Web3 Innovation Contest by FeverTokens has come to an end. We have received an extraordinarily high number of completed entries. On this occasion, we thank everyone who has participated and/or who has spread the word.

Notably, three finalists have entered the voting stage and are women entrepreneurs who are excited about the possibilities that Web3 brings:


This project pays tribute to women and highlights the universal plurality of their experiences around the world.

LES MEUFS QUI bluntly describes women through the seasons of their lives : those we have known or crossed paths with, those we have been or will be, those we have heard about through a hashtag.

Women’s paths can often be strewn with pitfalls. By participating in this project, you will help several initiatives committed to women's rights, including a tech innovation against street harassment and assault + the creation of an anti-purplewashing agency. Be part of one of the first French Web3 community dedicated to gender equality!

222 NFTs of «My NFT my choice » to claim your imperfection or your achievement and be unapologetically yourself, and 111 NFTs « Serendipity » to take a chance and collect ! Surprise features are included like 11 golden tickets with IRL gifts and experiences and 11 videos from the avatar.

@lameufqui is an anonymous avatar gathering a community of 30k followers. Activist, artist, columnist, entrepreneur, she was in 2021 the most followed frenchwoman on Clubhouse.


CineCapsule is a decentralized platform for movie streaming and film production. CineCapsule together with the Female Film Club and artist Max Grunfeld are launching the NFT Muse collection to collectively fund 3 short movies directed by women.


  • NTF owners choose the movies to finance
  • 30 NFTs will appear in the movies as Easter eggs 🥚🐇
  • you will be invited to their premiere
  • you will appear in the credits
  • you will be invited in priority to CineCapsule DAO to invest in movies

Why women directors? Only between 10 and 20 % of movies are directed by women. It is time to change mindsets and support women.

WaterColor Faces

WaterColor Faces is a fascinating art project capturing cultures through portraits by Maryam Jiar. Maryam is an artist working with watercolor in an unconventional semi-realistic approach combining smooth layers and delicate textures.

With over 4k social media followers and over 200k views, Maryam is introducing NFTs to her audience withexclusive content & access to time-lapses of her artistic process, among other things. This will give a different perspective and a unique experience to fans while enjoying how she creates art.

The final jury will be the Web3 experts and veterans who spoke at our workshop in Lisbon last week (see link).

The FeverTokens team will actively help the winners bring their project on the market with technical, legal, and business supports. Last but not least, they will receive the cash prize.

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