FeverTokens adds support for Celo, Fuse network and EnergyWeb

The FeverTokens team is glad to announce the introduction of support for three new blockchain networks in our no-code framework: Celo, Fuse network, and EnergyWeb. Formerly, we have supported Ethereum, Bianance Smart Chain, Polygon, and Avalanche since the launch of the working alpha of the FeverTokens web application.

FeverTokens is a no-code framework for individuals and businesses to customize advanced smart contracts, deploy NFT marketplaces, and design Web3 apps via either a simple UI or an API.

Our users own all the smart contracts deployed using FeverTokens’ framework, guaranteed via role-based access control. FeverTokens is FREE to use. We only charge as mall fee on transactions.

We aim to provide broad support for all popular EVM-compatible blockchain networks. The addition of Celo, Fuse network,and EnergyWeb is another step in our tireless pursuit of democratizing Web3.

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