FeverTokens brings no-code Web3 to Fashion and BeautyTech

At the Back-to-School event by FaB, the French charter of a worldwide Fashion and BeautyTech community of founders and investors, the CEO of FeverTokens, Zakaryae Boudi, joined the panel and discussed industry trends and technology advancements in metaverse and Web3.

Fashion and beauty brands have a natural connection to the younger generations, who also happen to adopt Blockchain,Web3, and NFT much more quickly around the world. It is also not unusual for many to place more faith in the new system than conventional centralized alternatives.

As such, Web3 presents an opportunity for fashion and beauty brands that seek to disrupt the industry. For example, Web3and NFTs can fundamentally change how brands and their user communities interact: In one direction, NFT gating makes the management of tiered access to new and/or exclusive products and experiences straightforward. NFTs can also be encapsulated or decapsulated to present unique combination of experiences for each user.

In the other direction, these tokens can also confer rights to feed back into the brands, either via tokenomics or through community votes. They can act as a user’s alternative to shares for investors. Compared to equity-based financing and existing pre-sale models, theWeb3-based, user-oriented solution engages the users throughout their experience and improves product fit and user satisfaction.

Previously, Web3 projects have been costly to set up. Many technical challenges frustrate even the most experienced software engineers. With FeverTokens’ no-code framework, however, the cost and complexity of embarking on Web3 has dramatically decreased for fashion and beauty brands, while the speed and functionalities have shot up in equal measure.

Every fashion and beauty tech brand, from big multinationals to single founders, can use our simple UI to customize advanced smart contracts and achieve their Web3 goals. Best of all, there is no upfront cost, and we provide support for full compliance.

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