Forbes France Uses FeverTokens for Its Exclusive NFT Collection and Launchpad

Forbes France has kicked off plans to further its Web3 efforts. A member of FeverTokens Partner Club, Forbes has chosen to use FeverTokens’ no-code Web3 framework.

Specifically, Forbes France is launching an exclusive NFT collection of 500 items. These tokens will be randomly distributed among the selected buyers. They offer various utilities to their holders. For example, holders will be invited to Villa Forbes during the Cannes festival and many other exclusive venues and events.

To get whitelisted, please visit the Forbes NFT landing page at

Beyond launching its first NFT collection, Forbes France is also moving to position itself as the premier launchpad for influencers, celebrities, and brands who wish to start their Web3 journey. FeverTokens’ technology will act as the backbone for this effort.

Together with FeverTokens, Forbes France is also committed to an educative mission to help more entrepreneurs explore Web3.