Growing FeverTokens in 2024

We see a strong trend by institutional and corporate players to position themselves strategically onto Web3 in 2024. Hence, it is a critical year for FeverTokens in terms of both technical development and market adoption. In this article, we detail our four strategic emphases for community growth.

1. Enhance open-source, package-oriented framework

Our primary focus on the technical front is to enhance our package-oriented framework further so as to make it the preferred choice for institutional and corporate players. To this end, we will open source the core primitives of package development, including utility tools that simplify package development and ensure interoperability. We will also publish detailed package specifications.

Additionally, we will focus on advanced modularity and composability within the framework and collaborate with institutional and corporate players, protocols, and standardization organizations to define, develop, and deploy package-based large-scale use cases. A key set of initiatives that are already in motion focuses on the tokenization of financial assets / security tokens.

2. Perfect tooling for scalable blockchain apps

For builders on the framework, the tooling for designing, deploying, and managing large-scale blockchain applications is every bit as important as the underlying framework. We are committed to perfect the tooling for ever more demanding needs of institutional and corporate builders.

Specifically, we will improve tools to handle packages at scale, including version and source management, upgrade, and monitoring. We will also release the Package Hub, a core feature that enables builders to access, configure, and integrate packages akin to an app store, with monetization options for developers.

For tooling that is already live, we will refine no-code management console for intra- as well as inter-team collaboration in every stage of the lifecycle of a Web3 application. We will also partner with corporate innovators and entrepreneurs to improve the no-code protocol builder that leverages the Package Hub, with the aim of making future innovations and entrepreneurship in Web3 exceedingly easy on the technical front.

3. Enrich subscription features, including smart contract verification

Third on our technical development agenda is the enrichment of subscription features. The flagship initiative that involves cooperative R&D with numerous external institutions is that of formal smart contract verification. This feature is important for large scale, dynamic, and high-throughput applications, particularly when it comes to real-world asset / financial asset tokenization.

We will continue existing research projects with publications forthcoming or under draft. We will also demonstrate production-grade package verification and work with regulators and industry working groups to promote the adoption and standardization of these technologies.

4. Emphasize ecosystem play

Our primary focus on the market capture front is to boost community involvement in order to foster a vibrant ecosystem centered on our package-oriented framework. Thus, we will leverage the current boost of enthusiasm in real-world asset (RWA) tokenization and team up with RWA projects to create a complete integrated ecosystem. Together with academic partners and regulators, we will seek to define the economic, operational, and regulatory requirements for RWA protocols.

Additionally, we will contribute to the design, deployment, and operations of various protocols, including real estate financing, climate finance, and decentralized science. In return, we foster not only advanced expertise in these hot subjects but also gain a foothold in the standardization of these use cases.

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