HEC MBA Blockchain Joins FeverTokens' Partner Club

The FeverTokens team welcomed members of HEC Paris MBA Blockchain Club, including the newly-elected President, at its Paris office in the 8th arrondissement.

This event offered a great opportunity to demo FeverTokens’ no-code Web3 framework, answer questions from the audience, and exchange ideas on the latest trends and developments in blockchain.

The attendees responded positively to the current build of FeverTokens' product. They expressed interests as business leaders with entrepreneurial ambitions: No-code is a smart way for entrepreneurs without deep smart contracting  knowledge to leverage the potential of Web3 in their ventures. With FeverTokens’ ongoing effort to mathematically verify the security and integrity of smart contracts, and with the upcoming smart contract store built on top of formal verification, we are indeed dedicated to bringing easy-to-use solutions to people with business backgrounds.

HEC MBA Blockchain Club is now joining FeverTokens Partner Club, and looks forward to using FeverTokens’ no-code framework for their upcoming NFT projects and educational initiatives.

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