Introducing FeverTokens Partner Club

As a crucial part of our endeavor to democratize Web3 with our advanced no-code service, we are launching a rewarding program aimed at broadening informed use of Web3 and NFTs, particularly for those without profound blockchain programming experience.

FeverTokensPartner Club welcomes key players in the tech service, media, startup, and professional service spaces, among others, who inform their clients, audiences, and/or members of the possibilities that no-code smart contracting brings to them as well as of the first steps to start experimenting—on the second point, everyone can get started for free, and we only get paid when you get paid.

This is an easy and effective option for most, and our partners can expect higher satisfaction from their clients, audiences, and/or members as a result.

Moreover,we offer our partners a mix of advantages, including:

•  Promo code for your clients,audiences, and/or members to access pro features for free

•  Exclusive access to certain features designed with your input

•  Co-organize Web3-related events, trainings, and demos

•  Early access to new features and SDKs

 Further rewarding mechanisms are in the works and will be unveiled soon.

Contact us directly here or via LinkedIn / Discord to get started.

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