New Africa Technology to Build Web3 in Africa with FeverTokens

New Africa Technology (NAT), an active player in the technology scene in Francophone Africa, has formally joined FeverTokens Partner Club. Three main initiatives are already in the pipeline.

First, NAT and FeverTokens will involve key institutional players in developing Web3 applications for economic development. Indeed, Mr Birane N'Dour, president of New Africa Technology, spoke on this subject on a keynote panel during our Lisbon event last month. The tooling provided by FeverTokens will play a decisive role in this endeavor by enabling Web3 access to entrepreneurs and institutions unfamiliar with smart contracting and the blockchain infrastructure.

Second, New Africa Technology will launch a Web3 incubator with FeverTokens in Senegal. This will be the first Web3 incubator focusing the French-speaking part of the continent. Together, NAT and FeverTokens will co-invest in promising projects and act as a facilitator between financial and economic institutions in the French-speaking economies and African Web3 startups.

Third, NAT and FeverTokens will co-organize the Africa Web3 Conferences (AW3C) in March 2023 in Dakar, Senegal. We aim to bring African countries to the forefront of adoption and entrepreneurship in Web3. With the first two initiatives, we believe that the AW3C conference will be an impetus for economic development in the tech space in Africa

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