TokenArt Partners w/ FeverTokens for Legally Compliant NFTs

Token’Art, an open source and decentralized project that allows creators to issue secure and legal NFTs, has joined forces with FeverTokens. We are making their innovations and standards available to our users soon.

With Token’Art, users can manage the rights of their creations wisely. It provides a standard that allows NFT creators to inform their communities of the rights conferred. Inspired by the Creative Commons Initiative, this standard is another step in making Web3 adoption easy.

Tokenizing works with Token’Art offers the creator a legal proof of paternity of his/her work opposable in court. The creator can choose which IP right is offered in the NFTs.

FeverTokens welcomes key players in the tech service, media, startup, and professional service spaces, among others, who inform their clients, audiences, and/or members of the possibilities that no-code smart contracting brings to them as well as of the first steps to start experimenting—on the second point, everyone can get started for free.

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