Web3 for Higher Education

Higher education enjoys a unique mix of vibrance and thought leadership. As the place where young adults equip themselves for their careers ahead, higher education institutions also offer a wealth of experiences both before and after graduation. Last but not least, many academics wish for more time to focus on research. Blockchain and Web3 provide a suite of solutions with tamper-proof, trustless verification, NFT gating, and autonomous organization.

To start, NFT can be used as a tamper-proof carrier of credentials. For example, a smart card or a smartphone loaded with NFTs can replace conventional student cards. It can also carry with it information such as the student’s achievements, interests, scholarly and extracurricular activities, awards, and scholarship status, etc. Best of all, only those with the correct roles can access the corresponding NFTs and information.

Each such NFT can be a capsule of multiple NFTs. That is, when a student receives a scholarship, s/he can have the NFT for the scholarship added into his/her master NFT, and vice versa.

When funds need to be transferred, such as when awards and scholarships are issued, the blockchain backbone can be leveraged as a faster, cheaper alternative to bank transfers, too.

Blockchain is not purely a carrier of information. With NFT gating, it can also function as access keys. For example, events and alumni networks can incorporate tiered access based on NFTs. For offline events, NFT serves as a substitute for tickets. For online events, the authentication process can be easily implemented with NFTs, without a need for separate ticketing.

For scholars, publication and citation are pursuits and burdens at the same time. Web3 has the potential to make publications more enjoyable. For example, scholars in a field can collaborate in creating a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) that does not have the restrictions of printed press. With NFT as the carrier of articles, scholars can retain copyrights to their work and even earn royalties from the industry.

As a student, educator, and administrator, you may wonder at this point:

- Where can our institution start?

- What can I do to help bring our school onboard Web3?

FeverTokens has created an easy-to-use no-code framework for everyone to develop their own Web3 implementations. Via either a simple UI or a feature-rich API, you can achieve numerous functions. We are also open to partnerships and discussions about technical support for the Web3 journey of your institution.

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