Web3 for Influencers

Influencers got their start with the dawn of social media, often referred to as Web2. With the emergence of Web3-powered features, new opportunities have the potential to extend and enrich the influencing model for a future that benefits creators and their communities alike.

There are three distinct advantages for influencers and their communities to embark on Web3: ownership of community platform, interactions via NFT gating, and organic community growth.

First, with a properly deployed Web3 community or NFT marketplace, perhaps with the help of FeverTokens’ free-to-start, easy-to-use no-code framework, influencers keep full ownership of their brands. They own and can control all smart contracts that they deploy and can customize the interface and introduce features for their communities to interact on. That is, they are independent of third-party platforms while offering a richer, more engaging experience. Best of all, they can integrate their Web3 communities and NFT marketplaces to their existing Web2 communities.

Second, with NFT gating, influencers can offer richer interactions, virtually or physically, to their communities. They can easily organize and co-host events, and their communities can leverage encapsulation and decapsulation of NFTs to access personalized experiences. Community members can also opt into special events proposed by a third party with NFT as the credentials. This way, influencers bring external value to their communities without making extra effort yet still earns royalties in the process.

Third, Web3 communities also offer new ways of organic growth. Community members can contribute contents and earn royalties together with the influencer. They can engage in community votes and earn from interactions and community commitments. With the advancement of metaverse, Web3 also makes integration of communities to multiple metaverses easy and smooth.

NFT types that may be of interest to influencers and their communities include Art NFT, Community NFT, and Utility NFT, etc.

So, you may ask: Where do I start?

FeverTokens has created a free-to-use no-code framework for everyone to develop their own Web3 implementations. Via either a simple UI or a feature-rich API, you can achieve numerous functions. We are also open to partnerships and discussions about technical support for your Web3 journey.

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