Web3 for Media & Publishing

Media and publishing is one of the oldest industries today that nonetheless have a direct path to embark on Web3. Just like the switch from printed media to digital media and from WWW to Web2.0, however, the opportunities come with associated challenges.

The most crucial among these challenges is managing printed media (where applicable), digital media, social media, and Web3 as a holistic ecosystem. Fortunately, Web3 holds the key for success in media and publishing: the tools to build, grow, and excite communities.

One example is the incorporation of NFT-based subscription model. Thanks to the flexibility to encapsulate and decapsulate NFTs, the viewership can select, experience, and trade access to exclusive contents that interest them. Each viewer gets a personalized version of that which the media & publishing company offers. Compared to achieving similar functionalities via a conventional app, the Web3-based solution allows for granular control over the pricing of each compartment of contents as well as easy trading of access to these contents on the secondary market whenever the viewers want.

Media and publishing companies may also create Web3-based incentive mechanisms for content contributions. Notably, Web3 differs from Web2.0 in that the ownership of contents is clearly defined and verifiable. With FeverTokens’ API, nevertheless, media and publishing companies can easily set a royalty level that works for both content contributors and the companies. Again, compared to conventional means, Web3 offers a no-hassle, maintenance-free, and highly-scalable way to implement this.

Last but not least, well-known media and publishing brands can leverage Web3 in their events, physical or virtual. With NFT gating, they can offer utilities to their exclusive communities.

Have you got an idea? Want to explore the possibilities for your media brand? FeverTokens’ no-code Web3 framework is a free and easy option. Some of the largest media brands in Europe are already using it. We also welcome media and publishing companies to our Partner Club, where we provide Web3-focused tech, legal, and business support.

Contact us at FeverTokens.io to know more.

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