What to expect from FeverTokens’ 23Q1 release?

With the next release, FeverTokens is set to take a giant leap in terms of functionality and user experience. Currently exclusive to members of our Partner Club, the 23Q1 release will bring several innovative features that make it easier and more convenient for both builders and their users in taking full advantage of Web3.

Some of the new features that you can expect include full support for credit card transactions, new gasless experience, support for new token types, and most importantly end-to-end tokenization service.

First, builders and their users alike will have the option to use credit card as a mode of payment when using Web3 apps deployed with FeverTokens’ no-code framework. Its significance lies in the elimination for them the need to acquire cryptocurrency or any other digital asset just to be on Web3. For builders, this opens their Web3 apps to the broader public, not just crypto enthusiasts.

Second, we are introducing gasless experience with the option of gas fee subsidies. This much-anticipated feature aims to make the platform more accessible to a wider audience. By allowing users to transact without incurring gas fees, or with the option of receiving subsidies, FeverTokens is taking an active step in reducing friction and making the process of building and using Web3 apps simpler and more convenient.

Third, the 23Q1 release will also include support for ERC20 tokens for exchanges as well as soulbound tokens (SBT). SBT allows NFTs to be bound to a specific address, ensuring that they cannot be traded or transferred without the owner's consent. This is an important option in terms of security and protection of NFTs and will further increase the appeal of FeverTokens as a no-code framework for NFT enthusiasts.

Last but not least, with this update we are launching the industry’s first full-feature, end-to-end no-code solution for tokenization service: Builders can deploy sophisticated Web3 platform that allows its users to deploy services or to mint tokens. Each builder can choose the standard for their Web3 platform and define the structure of the metadata (e.g. by supporting or requiring legal documents). They can choose automatic or manual approval when users deploy services on their platform. Naturally, FeverTokens’ no-code solution for tokenization service is white-label as usual; builders get an easy-to-use console, and their users get dashboards that the builders can customize.

In the medium term (23H2), we will include sophisticated wallet and node management systems to tokenization for large corporations. It will be compatible with more standards and come with strict compliance to local regulations.

Other updates include:

  • New sophisticated end-to-end marketplace solution plugable to the tokenization service or the store
  • Option to apply whitelists per each token or group of tokens
  • Dynamic NFTs and Tokens
  • Advanced UI customizations and integration options
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