Welcome Shimmers to FeverTokens Partner Club

Shimmers, an incubator dedicated to influencers and digital creators, has joined FeverTokens Partner Club, supporting their network of influencers and digital creators to deploy and manage their Web3 presence with FeverTokens’ no-code framework .


Shimmers is a turnkey solution designed for artists, celebrities and influencers to create, develop, and operate their own brands as well as innovative products. With offices in Paris and Dubai, they have built a broad network of successful entrepreneurs in the creative economy. A series of new projects will be on the market by 2023.


FeverTokens Partner Club welcomes key players in the tech service, media, start-ups, and professional service spaces, among others, who inform their clients, audiences, and/or members of the possibilities that no-code smart contracting brings to them as well as of the first steps to start experimenting—on the second point, everyone can get started for free, and we only get paid when you get paid.


More information about Shimmers can be found here.


More information about FeverTokens Partner Club can be found here.

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